Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Professionals

Modern business and female leadership have fundamentally new requirements that cannot be met with old ideas. With the insights of individual psychology, neuroscience, and agile management tools You can become a forward thinker and motivator – Let me show You how.

What will you gain form this?

The clear formulation of goals is a focal point at the beginning of your process and in every coaching session. Maybe your concerns are relatively vague (leadership problems, declining motivation, general unease, lack of overview, time management or supportive work relationships etc.)

Together we will precisely identified what results you wish to aim for. The jointly identified goals and initial solutions are then recorded as part of your individual Coaching Action Plan – regularly reviewed and possibly amended at the start of a new session to follow your own path of success.

What you can Expect

What you need to Know

Management trainer & Business Coach


Here I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that clients have asked about the coaching process.

The term “coaching” originally comes from the world of sport. A sports coach does not only help her trainees to improve their sporting performance, but also supports them on a personal level. The same applies to coaching in business: I help in individual ways depending on the situation and personality of my client and accompany her as a neutral feedback provider.

In my role as a consultant I function as a an expert for my clients to offer solutions or give feedback based on my own professional experience. 

Coaching stands apart as a transformative process. It’s a collaborative journey where I serve as a trusted partner, adept at listening, questioning, and offering feedback. Instead of prescribing solutions, I empower my clients to unearth their own insights and take decisive action towards their goals.

Business coaching can have a significant impact on the overall success and growth of a person or company. When a business owner invests in coaching, they are providing themselves or their management employees with valuable tools and resources to improve performance and productivity.

There are four main areas that business coaching can impact: improved performance and productivity, enhanced decision-making skills, increased employee engagement and retention, as well as improved communication and collaboration. Read more!

One of the benefits of coaching in the workplace is improved employee relations. When business owners or managers receive coaching, they become better leaders and are better equipped to manage their employees. By developing stronger leadership skills, business owners and managers can create a more positive and productive work environment, which leads to improved employee morale and stronger employee relations. Read more!

If your coaching goal is to make more money, please be aware that I only take on clients who have a potentially profitable business – or earn a competitive salary, thriving for a higher position in their career.

If you considering to invest a budget into your professional development as a business owner or leader, you need to have a business with the potential or make more than at least the minimum return of your investment.

Absolutely yes! I’m offering online business coaching and consulting for female entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals worldwide. Connect online or in-person!

To assure the quality of my work and provide a setting where my clients can get the most out of their coaching experience, I offer coaching packages only. That includes 6 coaching sessions, individually costumed to your goals and 6 follow ups (via call/email) over a duration of 30-60 days.

First, let’s find out if I am the right coach for you. Contact me for an initial meeting free of charge!

As a rule, one coaching sessions last 1 hour. The individual dates for the sessions are set from time to time depending on how things are progressing and the urgency of the issue for my client. The “direction” lies with the client.

Appointments that start late due to the client’s fault cannot be refunded or made up for. Please be punctual! Appointments that are not canceled in good time (at least 48 working hours in advance, also via text message) cannot be refunded or made up either.

If necessary, an ongoing session can be extended, e.g. to finish working on a topic. In this case, I will inform the client and ask if it is okay to go on a little longer. The additional half or full hours worked are to be remunerated and are taken from the agreed contingent of hours.

The client usually pays the fee for the agreed coaching after the first contact (before the first session). This takes the financial aspects out of the equation and we can concentrate on the content of the work. Should the coaching be discontinued for personal reasons, the client will of course be reimbursed for the hours not yet used.

Yes. To assure and enhance quality, I operate according to the guidelines of  The Gambia Business Coaching Framework.

This framework outlines the key elements of an effective and professional coaching program, while also allowing for customization to the specific needs of each individual or company.