Shaheen Hagar

Dedicated Communications Consultant & certified Business Coach.

Your Expert for innovative Concepts, strategic Communication, and exceptional Business Coaching in The Gambia — and beyond.

About Me

Throughout my career, I’ve continually refined my skills by adapting to evolving trends and methodologies:

In 2013, I earned my B.A. in Media Management from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany. My expertise lies in captivating concept development for various communication channels, tailored to effectively engage with diverse audiences.

I am passionate about crafting memorable events and developing concepts that showcase the impact of my clients’ projects. With a keen eye for aesthetics and visual arts, I love to create and curate. 
In 2024, I enhanced my professional skills by obtaining a certification in Business Coaching through the Institute for Individual Psychology – VfTC. My ability to build authentic relationships with my clients has further strengthened my capacity to realize and communicate complex ideas effectively.
I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Artist Management
for Camufingo


Head of Social Media
for Missy Magazine

Die Dunkelkammer

Production Management
for Ballhaus Naunynstraße

MTV Unplugged –
KAHEDI Radio Show

Digital Media Management
for Nesola GmbH


For Max Herre’s MTV Unplugged – KEHEDI Radio Show more than 40 musicians and guests from three generations, most of them longtime companions, came together for a session that was more of a giant studio recording than a show.

As an integral member of the label’s digital media team, I collaborated closely with Bears Calling Berlin, directing the production of an interview feature spotlighting each guest and their collective story. This feature was subsequently released on DVD and Blu-ray alongside the album launch.

In partnership with Universal Music, we executed a comprehensive social media strategy and online marketing campaign. Our efforts contributed to the album achieving platinum status and was awarded by the Federal Music Industry Association.

The multi-channel social media project SOFTIE* was part of @funk network, a joint content network of Germany’s national television
ARD and ZDF.

In my role as Head Of Social Media with Missy Magazine, I was part of an amazing team, earning recognition through the prestigious “Lars Day Prize – Future of Memory” for education and mediation of art, in 2019.

“Shaheen has a unique ability to both connect with people and connect people. her openness to other ways of thinking, doing and being, coupled with patient listening and meaningful supportive commentary, as well as willingness to help, makes her a valuable person to have on any project desiring to bring people together and share knowledge and resources across spaces, languages and cultures.”

Tila Likunzi
Angola – independent curator & researcher

“Her structuring, analytical, determined and open approach and her adept background research of community-related topics in direct contact with the community, in addition to writing, editing and proofreading creative and attractive content for Facebook and Instagram, contributed significantly to the success of the project.”

Stefanie Lohaus
Berlin – Editor in Chief of Missy Magazine